January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month (Part 1).

Getting the HPV vaccine and getting regular PAP/HPV tests is key for cervical cancer prevention. 

Sometimes you may learn that your PAP test was abnormal.  The good new is that most women with an abnormal PAP smear will never develop cancer but it is important that you get proper care and follow up testing.

After an abnormal PAP test, your doctor may opt to do a colposcopy or a LEEP procedure.  

In today's post, I want to share some information on products offered at Pelvic Shanti Boutique that may be helpful after one of these procedures.

Later in this week, you can check out a second post with recommendations around returning to sexual pleasure after a colposcopy or LEEP procedure- stay tuned!

The doctor performing the colposcopy or LEEP procedure will give you detailed instructions on what to expect and precautions to adhere to.

    Here are some additional tips from Pelvic Shanti:

    It is a good idea to bring a pad to your appointment since bleeding may occur.

    You can expect that vaginal bleeding and spotting will continue for a few weeks.  Wearing a pad for 3-4 weeks (or longer!) can be rather annoying and irritating to the vulvar tissues. 
    Make sure to change the pad regularly.

    When showering, generously rinse the vulva with water.  If you feel better about using soap, stick to a gentle soap designed for the vulva.

    We LOVE and highly recommend the Ultrasensitive Foaming Wash by Good Clean Love.

    At Pelvic Shanti Boutique, you can find some great vulvar moisturizers and balms that would be soothing during this time.  We recommend trying out Momotaro Vulvar Salve or Rosebud Women Every Day Balm.

      Applying a heating pad over your lower belly and practicing some calming breathing exercises can ease pain and cramping. For cramping and mild abdominal pain, doing gentle massage over your belly can be soothing.  Foria’s massage salve with CBD and Kava is designed to ease soreness and aching. (Let us know if you're interested in our CBD products.)

        Questions about our products? Email us: boutique@pelvicshanti.com

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        To learn more about cervical cancer screening and prevention, please check out the wonderful resources on https://www.nccc-online.org/.


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