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Vibrance Melts with Organic Botanicals (12pk)

Vibrance Melts with Organic Botanicals (12pk)

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Foria's all-natural Vibrance Melts are designed to promote internal moisture. Soothing chamomile and hydrating raspberry leaf come together in these plant-based suppositories to boost your comfort and support your ever-evolving body. Each pack includes 12 suppositories. 

Ingredients:  Organic Fair-Trade Cocoa Butter, MCT Oil (Medium-Chain Triglycerides), Organic Chamomile Extract, Organic Raspberry Leaf Extract

Suggested Use: Keep refrigerated to ensure firmness. To open the package, separate one shell from the rest, then peel apart the flat plastic tabs. Insert vaginally. When possible, lie down for at least 20 minutes to support absorption. Night-time use suggested. 

Cautions: Not intended for oral consumption. Cocoa butter is generally safe for vaginal use, but use caution if you are allergic to chocolate. This product is not compatible with latex or poly-isoprene condoms. Keep refrigerated.

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